Comment: Wake up and do what? What do you recommend?

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Wake up and do what? What do you recommend?

Should we set aside a day or maybe better a night....yes, we can have another "Kristallnacht" as in: the night of November 9, 1938, on which the Nazis coordinated an attack on Jewish people and their property in Germany and German-controlled lands. We will in this case just target those bad dual-nationals, who by virtual of this designation, rose to power, not by their own hard work and initiative, but by this designation alone and the NWO template for global enslavement. They were given these positions of power because they were dual citizens.

If such an action were to be taken, the people performing this "cleansing" would be termed Nazis, anti-semitic, Jew-haters.

So what action should be taken by this information that you have provided to us. There must be something to remedy this situation.