Comment: Sorry about that Rhino.

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Sorry about that Rhino.

I told people that it was me that bumped it, so I don't know why they are giving you the flack.

Didn't mean to cause a problem there.

Hmm what to name a thread?

Well, there is already an anything goes thread, but that isn't really what I have in mind. I do want something that is not a one-time only topic thread.

Sometimes there are just miscellaneous things I want to talk to someone about that are off-topic to other threads on the board, anyway... talks that I'd rather be "free-flow" discussion and brainstorming.

So maybe "Brainstorm thread"...oh, I mean "Jiminy Cricket: Brainstorm thread"

I don't know. We'll see...and anyone who gives me any crap about it just might get subjected to one of my longwinded lectures. That'll teach 'em for sure. lol