Comment: The Zionists supported the holocaust

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The Zionists supported the holocaust

In fact, it was probably their idea. They needed to create a "need" for a Jewish state (promised to them by England during WW!) AND they needed to give Jews a reason to leave their cushy lives in Western Europe and migrate to the new Jewish state.

The poor, run-of-the-mill Jews have been maltreated by Zionism from it's beginning. Unfortunately, any Zionist who needs cover can disappear into any Jewish community and they will protect him. So, until and unless the Jewish people cease aiding and abetting Zionism, it will continue to dominate them and us..

Besides, Zionists know that if you hang a carrot ($) in front of goyim, (gentiles ... goyim means cattle), they will do much of the dirty work for them. Our political parties, congress and court system are full of Zionists and GOYIM, who like to be considered Zionists!

In another DP spot I saw a video trying to say that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is fake. Well, if it is, we are witnessing the fulfillment of a fantasy right before our eyes.

The Zionists control the banks, they control all the governments of the world, they control industry. They are the quintessential middlemen ... they make nothing of value but suck in all the profits (which is why they like international trade so much).

Anyone who want to know more about Zionism can check out Benjamin Freedman's speech given at the Willard Hotel, Wash., DC in 1961. Google the info. There are both written and audio versions on youtube. He lays out their plan and explains the entire 20th century. He knows all this from the inside: as a Zionist, he attended the Treaty of Versailles which ended WWI. There's a ton of real history in that speech!

May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, have mercy on all of us, Jew and Gentile.