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Simple reasons to run from a simple woman

Warrior Grannys

Dr. Paul,

After speaking to several people who know you personally and think you will not likely announce your candidacy for president without a out pouring of support, I beg you to consider those of us who are solidly behind you and feel you are our only hope for a secure and sane America.

I have given this much thought mostly at night when sleep refuses to come. I think of my child hood and the pride and patriotism I grew up with. As a child my day began with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lords Prayer. 12 years of this is hard to forget. 50 years later I still get goose bumps when I hear Kate Smith sing God Bless America. I still find myself with my hand on my heart when the flag passes.

Where are our children's heroes? I had John Wayne and Audey Murphy, Roy Rogers and Lash Larue. I grew up in the shadow of world war 2 and remember the sadness and pride we all had at that time. I lost several cousins, uncles and family friends during that period. I must have been to dozens of funerals as a child for men who had lost their lives for this country.

My favorite Uncle went off and learned to fly, I was crushed to lose my friend but was assured by everyone he was doing his duty to make sure I would grow up free. I remember how dashing he looked when he came home on leave before going overseas. I remember his smell of leather and old spice. To this day those smells take me back to those days when the grass was green, people were nice and we had freedom.

Every night we hurried to get the kitchen cleaned up and into the living room where my Grandfather would sit in a big old chair and listen to Gabriel Heater announce the war news. At the end he would list all the casualties for that day and I could see my Grandparents holding their breath with every name. At the end when my Uncles name was not called My Grandmother would say a prayer and you could see a tear slip out of her eyes.

I remember the town and people who knew everything about everyone. When my Uncle had finished his flight training ( B-52's) he helped transport the planes to Cherry Point Air base which was just 20 miles from our home. We knew he was on his way as he had called the general store and told them to tell us he was on his way home and to watch for him. We sat on the porch all morning shelling peas and waiting. I will never forget the sounds and feelings on that day, such a noise, right over head, that huge plane just a few hundred feet above the house, so near we could see him sitting in front with a thumbs up sign to Pop. He was so close the sycamore tree ( huge tree) swayed and almost hit the ground. There were 5 planes in the group and all came down low and dipped their wings. Every neighbor within running distance came full of excitement and pride that one of their own was up there in that huge machine.

We had a home made concrete bench under the pecan tree, the thinking spot, and my Pop went there and just sat, legs crossed whittling waiting for his only son to come home. All afternoon he just sat there, we were in the house with other women cooking for a army and setting up the tables outside getting ready for the homecoming. Pop just sat. I went and sat beside him never saying a word, but the fear, pride and love Pop had just like wrapped itself around me. Never said a word but I knew he was so proud and so scared he would lose his only son. He sat there all afternoon until Uncle Charles finally got out of a gray car and walked down the driveway to the bench . He sat down, Pop never stopped whittling and they just sat, saying nothing. I couldn't understand it then, but I knew not to interrupt, they sat a while then Grand mama came out and then the hugging and kissing started... that woman could hug the longest of anyone I ever knew. Then everyone started talking kissing, shaking hands, bringing out the food and having a big time. I can see in my mind the table and food and people all laughing, talking, kids running, dogs barking, everyone for one day forgetting their own loss and celebrating life and liberty.

Charles left after 3 days and flew to Africa, Every place he stopped I got a small token, coin, picture for weeks, then it stopped. Gabriel Heater became a dreaded hour but still no Brinson called. Charles had crashed over Africa and spent 5 months at the crash site in a village till he was found. When the call came to the general store, ( we did not have a phone) the owners boy ran all the way to the house and we ran back, the whole town was there waiting to hear Pop on the phone. Yes he was safe, I cannot explain the emotion of that whole town women crying, men slapping each other on the back shaking hands like "we" had done something great.. Survival.. what a great feeling.

I remember stealing cigarettes from my Pop and taking them to the German POW"s at Camp Battle. I was not afraid of these strangers, but intrigued with their gentle manner and attention to me a little girl. One of my Uncles was the milk man and delivered milk and eggs to the camp every morning and sometimes I would catch him on his way and ride with him. In that big kitchen I would be put on a stool with a bottle of cold milk and something the Cook had made for the camp. That big old German cook was so kind and gentle, I never could understand how he could have been a killer? Murderer? He spoke little English and I spoke no German but I knew he meant no harm. Hundreds of these men were at that camp, only later in life did I figure out I must have reminded them of their family and children. I still have little gifts they gave me, one a jewel box all carved with wooden hinges and decorated with butterfly wings. Still so beautiful and from the enemy.

I remember so many small things about growing up in the United States things that are not possible today with all the rules and regulations. Could a child today walk a mile to the grocery store barefooted, running on the hot tar pavement when the sand spurs were too thick on the side of the road to walk in the grass? Drinking warm milk right out of the cow? Having my own slingshot? Owning a bb gun? having to actually push mow the lawn on Saturday morning and raking up every leaf before lunch? Thinking nothing of doing chores much less getting paid for them? The delicious taste of a watermelon that had been in the well all day cooling? Running in the cow pasture barefooted? Making our own toys and games, hopscotch, jump rope, hide and seek, using our own imagination for entertainment. Sitting in the woods next to my Pop waiting for that big buck? Collecting eggs from hens that didn't want little hands bothering their eggs? I still have some scars from those dang hens.. but I got the eggs. Sitting up all night watching a calf being born? The joy of laying by the creek with just the dog as a pillow and the clouds as a TV screen?

Please remember your childhood and look at what our children have now. We have to change the path this country is going. I won't be here much longer neither will you but I do want to leave a Free country to my Children and grand children.

Between the Animal Rights activists, (HSUS ? PETA) our kids won't even know what it is to own a pet. The government placing so many rules on parents the kids are out of control. No respect. No family commitments, No education. Being chipped and tracked like cattle? Fed poisons in our food and medications? Gay Rights, Child Predators, Parents too busy working to know what their children are even thinking. Or do they even care? Children killing, Video games, TV, a life devoid of small pleasures and pride.

This has got to be turned around or we are lost. A nation which used to be proud of our labor is now a welfare society. Waiting for the Government to take care of us. Protect us from ourselves? The Government didn't pay for my child care, I didn't get a check for having a baby and not knowing who the father is? ( I didn't ) No one came and gave me food stamps when our crops failed. No one came and paid my rent when I was broke. No one paid me to learn how to work and get off welfare, If I was sick I paid the Doctor. Where has the self respect and pride in being self sufficient gone?

Please announce your candidacy so we can start raising capitol and getting you elected. Until you actually announce it is hard to get people to rally to getting you elected. I am painting my RV now getting ready to go on the road to campaign for your election and I do a damn good job of convincing people I speak with. As it is now people say "hell he isn't even running" so it is a hard job to get anyone to commit to a vote.

I truly feel you are the only one in this country that has the commitment and determination to go against Congress, Senate and get something done. Even if you lose and that is possible, your running will give us all more determination to fix this country. We have a huge opposition, people are lazy and easily led by promises of more help, more money etc. We need a crash to jolt people into reality. I feel this country is on a collision course with total collapse and if you are not the president we will be lost. We need someone that has common sense and the determination to fix things not just a quick fix which adds more problems.

I beg you as a Mother, Grandmother and Citizen please announce your are running and give us a chance to put you in office. We can wake up the nation with your leadership.

Linda Hunnicutt
27 Beaton Path
Leicester, NC, 28748

Granny Warrior