Comment: Universal Healthcare

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Universal Healthcare

In the Part 1 of Ron's conversation at I sensed Ron failed to carry the audience when asked about universal healthcare.

I would suggest that we have universal healthcare now. It is government subsidized, expensive, bureaucratic, and does not deliver quality care to everyone. Emergency rooms carry the burden of care for the poor. The primary benficiaries of government subsidies are the insurance companies, not the people. Look at the source of campaign contributions and you will see who actually benefits from the present system.

The slogan "universal healthcare" really means tinkering with a damaged health delivery system by increasing the control of government instead of getting rid of government subsidies and regulations which are the source of the problems.

There is no way to know exactly how a free market will deliver quality care to everyone because we don't have a free market now.

What we do know is that the present, government controlled system is an abomination, and that more government is not the answer.

The government's hand is neither free nor invisible. Even with the best of intentions the results are unsatisfactory and unfair.