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Comment: Chicago 'burbs

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Chicago 'burbs

I personally can't complain. I live below my means in a blue collar neighborhood low taxes that has a lot of Hispanics. My neighbors all seem to have jobs and we have about 2-3 houses per block in foreclosure. A few are actually being re-sold.

There is a 1 - 2 year old new condominium complex next town over where only 20% of the units have been sold and they are having a tough time unloading them. Average selling price 210K now and predicted to go even lower.

Nobody that I know personally has been laid off. There is light to heavy industry near by and the parking lots look like a lot of people are still working.

We have restaurants up the azz all over, 3 Subways (1 new) within 5 minutes of each other and a Quizno's to boot, plus a brand new Burger King. I can eat all I want at Old Country Buffet between 1-3 for 5.99 five days a week. The help at OCB has had their hours cut.

There is a perfusion of grocery stores and more opening every day. Competition is stiff. Avocado's .39, milk 1.99, eggs 1.29, bread 1.29, bananas .39 on and on. Of course you can find stores to charge you more.

One local bank is paying over 3%, 10K min. on MMA's including IRA's.

Cheapest gas 1.85 Costco, everywhere else up to 1.99 generally.