Comment: Greetings from the Marianas

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Greetings from the Marianas

The Marianas are a string of islands in the Pacific, sort of between Hawaii and the Philippines. They are lovely, but the U.S. has imposed its will here, as the islands are a U.S. territory (colony). As of June 1, courtesy of Homeland Security, many of the 'aliens' (Filipinos, Chinese) will be sent home. This will cut 10% of the population and many shops and businesses that employ these people will be caught short. Even worse, the tawdry karaoke bars will probably close - and they are great fun.

The governor is fighting all this, since we don't have true representation in Congress - just one person, who has no voting priviledges. A law firm has agreed to help, pro bono, which is good. Long ago the U.S. and the Marianas entered into a 'covenant' which allowed a certain amount of autonomy: the islands could pretty much rule themselves. Concessions had to be made to airport security, but not much else. But where the U.S. government is concerned, power grabs are a matter of course.

Where this 'Federalization' will end is anybody's guess. The best thing about living here is that there are no winters, food is available locally, and the people are generally happy. Tell you one thing about these islands; the people know how to survive on very little, and that is comforting.

Hafa adai!