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We're doing well here. My father and I opened a laboratory standards production facility a little over a year ago. We've hired our second employee now for sales and market research, and we're increasing sales pretty steadily.

Also started a DBA for helping companies with toxic substances on site file their Tier II forms for the EPA. With Obama in office, I'm expecting the EPA to begin cracking down more and more on companies, and we're in a great position to help them avoid penalties. Each mistake can cost a company around $10,000 per DAY it's wrongly reported. In addition we're helping them write and distribute their emergency readiness forms to fire departments and health facilities in the area.

We're really excited about the coming year. Now is DEFINITELY the time to start your own business and manufacturing a quality product is the way to do it. It's the right foot to get America back on track. - The best in lab standards and for calibrating gas monitors. - For all of your EPA reporting needs and concerns, also specializing in any and all toxic gas consulting needs.

End Shameless Plug

Eric Hoffer