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Don't even pull that on me bubba. I've done more for this

movement than most people ever will. The fact is, there are far far far better ways you could be spending your time. The only thing that's going to defeat this new world order is personal courage and brutal honesty, part of which is clearly uidentifying those tired old methods we have proven time and again mean nothing. Don't get mad at me because petitions are meaningless. Gather signatures to get on a ballot if you want signatures, then run for office and make changes. Or start a libery class, or give away 100 educational DVD's a month, or start a website, or sometging that you've never even thought of. Because, and this is the bottom line, Petitions DO NOT WORK! Letters DO NOT WORK! Diggs DO NOT WORK!

But you what does work----the collective efforts of all those people collecting signatures and cracking open some eyes. The documents are meaningless and will land on deaf ears, but the spark of curiosity stays lit in more and more people. I'm not going to get on here and say "yeah, that's great, everybody do it" because most of these folks already know what the "sign here" conversation is supposed to teach. If they feel this is a good tool to reach others, than they should use it---just don't expect it to actually effect change in the way you expect.

Did I say not to bother, NO! I said they don't work. Read man. oh and , WAKE UP!!