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Comment: Then help us soften up the target with these:

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Then help us soften up the target with these:
Join the "paperwar". This is a new way to "petition". Hard copy, tons of it.
It is a numbers game. Public opinion WILL move them and it has been proven that it does repeatedly, but THEY have controlled the "opinion" all along to get what they want.
Apparently you haven't looked at my link yet. It is a simple one sheet of paper wakeup tool for your neighbors with an action step included. More info here:
This is merely the first step in retaking the "House". Fill that corrupted place up with so much paper they can't move in the hallways and wake up your neighbors at the same time, as well as go around the MSM. It's not presonal sir. I totally agree new methods are required. "Petitioning Congress" is not limited to signing a petition, but we have to hit from all angles in order to get their attention, which will culminate with marching on Washington I suspect.

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