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Comment: this is alarming

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this is alarming

oh shucks... if it wasn't for that annoying 1st amendment, we could restrict those hate filled ignoramuses....


Racism is evil/wrong, and nobody should harbor those feelings, however, perhaps just as importantly, I wish those white supremacy groups would consider the potential consequences of their actions.... like the video said, not only would it propel Obama's image, it would lead to some sort of ill-conceived endorsement of his policies... if more people give into this dangerous image of him as a savior because of some crappy hate group's actions, then they are likely to condone whatever Obama does... I shutter to think about the consequences... Especially considering the fact that even fewer people would then stand up against those policies....

Or even worse, Obama's administration could use such actions as an excuse to seize more power, and inflict more restrictions on liberty.... who knows how far they'd go? They're planning on using the same fear tactics as the Bush administration, and arguably have already.

If those hate groups were smarter, they'd want to do everything to avoid giving the government an excuse to go after them and the very power that guarantees their right to do what they do/believe what they believe/say what they want.

Not to mention, them poking the dragon endangers the freedom of every American citizen... Because, if they do something, and the government responds, they're not going to go after just those who deserve it... it will be all of us. We will all suffer from the same limitations on free speech/right to assemble, etc. etc. Remember H.R. 1955? Now that virtually everything is considered terrorism, all it takes is an event like one of these hate groups doing something crazy, and suddenly all political action is terrorism... all anti-establishment talk is terrorism, etc. Suddenly, because we disagree with policy, we'd be considered terrorists, despite having nothing to do with hate groups.