Comment: It's the principles, stupid

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It's the principles, stupid

When I was taught the basic principles of this country, I liked them and often went beyond my lessons and read speeches and biographies of the Founding Fathers.

I remember Carter and Reagan running and ruling, but I started to become more and more apathetic. It was probably a combination of news, girls, and family strife that caused that apathy. That changed when I got to college. Freedom really suited me and I successfully applied these principles to various organizations and jobs. Though I was young and not worldly, I could tell Perot had more integrity and was straight forward...and voted for him...but Clinton won out.

Starving for real conversation about global issues, I stumbled upon Hannity's show in the mid-90's. I listened to him and some other shows long enough to discover Libertarian ideals and immediately noticed a difference between so-called conservative leaders and real conservatism. Heck, the right-wing talk shows pointed out the differences quite often...but mostly, they dehumanized Democrats. As hard and sad as it was to believe, I succombed to the fact that there are propagandists on both sides.

After that, I intellectually left these shows and started doing my own research. I saw that the parties were often putting on a show...pretending to fight, meanwhile working together to make themselves rich by eroding our rights. Due to lack of real conservative leaders, I voted for the lesser of two evils. 9/11 did little to sway fact, the fishiness of everything further proved the two parties were two heads of the same hydra.

However, 9/11 did awaken the sleeping giant. Though the giant was used to attack Iraq...I have noticed that same giant turned his head and is looking hard at the US government. More and more people see what I see...and a sortof movement of maintaining that enlightenment rose up.

Sadly, I didn't know about Ron Paul until I viewed a GOP debate in May 2007. Since then, I, like many, discovered someone with a record, legislation, and message that I like AND that I can trust. Ron Paul has become a lightning rod for me and people like me...who not only believe in the corruption of the current government, but also believe in the original principles of this country.

For the first time, I have donated and actively helped a political campaign. It feels great...and I really want Ron Paul to win. But I also hope every Ron Paul supporter steps up their political efforts. I plan to try to become a delegate and join my local government.

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