Comment: Welcome to Blue Jersey, anybody need an entitlement?

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Welcome to Blue Jersey, anybody need an entitlement?

To start off the headlines yesterday read Mexicans are sending less money back home.
Because it is so easy to get on a program here, citizens with low work ethics, will either get on Disability or Welfare. not only do we grow them here, we also import them from the other states & Countries that pay less into their social programs. Not only are the Lazy Sucking this State Dry but the Illegal Immigrants that fill the jobs suck it dry also (Not only Mexicans)

I Could Rant this topic into a book

Our Car Insurance is Outrageous because of Socialism.Those that Can pay for Car Insurance pay extra for those that can't.
Property Taxes & School Taxes are Outrageous & getting worse. Somebody has to not only pay for the Socialism but also its effects.
Illegal Immigrants & those on social benefits do not pay taxes. Illegal Immigrants will Either Live in a farm camp & not pay Taxes or Live 20 to a House & Pay the taxes of 1 family.
I Know Your thinking "it can't be that bad" Your right it's worse!!! If I Had the Time I Could Write a Book Here's Some Examples:

the Democrat Team Renere (Spelling) came to my local Flea Market for campaign Support, Preaching lower taxes for the poor - Not Smart enough to figure out that they were in a black market, Vendors Don't pay taxes & Don't Collect Taxes Either. they didn't notice the market full of Mexicans or the Parking Lot full of Trashed Cars With Pennsylvania Plates. The State turns a Blind Eye or is that out of touch with reality.

Not Only do the Taxpayers Pay the Illegal Immigrants School tax but we pay Extra for their Children to be at a Preschool level before Preschool

A New way to Get Around the High Cost of Living in Jersey....... instead of Getting Married a Young Couple Will have their Child out of marriage. Mom doesn't know who dad is,collects welfare since it's so easy to get, mom stays home,Dad gets a Job.
This is all caused by the system they're exploiting. the reason the cost of living is so expensive is because the state sets the price. if the state pays $800 for Housing then the min. rent is $800 for anything above a rat hole

The Truth is Jersey has been Dying Long before this depression started,
We Taxed the jobs out of Blue Jersey because of Socialism.Long Gone is Our Ability to Pay for Socialism.Whats Happening Now is Just a Little Despair & Torture Before Death

Our Only Voice is Congressman Frank LoBiondo, But He's no Ron Paul
But He's Doing His Best Against the Blood Sucking Democrats

If America Won't Elect Ron for President Can we Borrow him for Governor?