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Not Really

Libertarians are actually a rather diverse group of individuals, with the pursuit of liberty acting as the common thread between us all. There are many individuals and schools of thought that have evolved into something resembling libertarianism. Namely:

1) Objectivism / Rugged Individualism - Ayn Rand
2) Austrian Economics - Ludwig von Mises, Friederich Hayek
3) Individualist Anarchism - Max Stirner
4) Anarcho Capitalism - Murray Rothbard
5) Western Republicanism - Barry Goldwater

The list goes on. We tend to share a sense of fiscal responsibility and lack of appreciation for government intervention in the markets with the republicans (although lately, the spend thrift neoconservatives have hijacked the party), and our appreciation for social / civil liberties is similar to some in the Green party or Democrats. The main goal is a society that promotes the maximum amount of personal and economic liberty.

Hope that helps.