Comment: I am a 23.8 year old Law

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I am a 23.8 year old Law

I am a 23.8 year old Law Student from New Jersey (currently in GA for school). I have always been a conservative, from the small-government school of thought, I was a Goldwater conservative before I even knew who Barry Goldwater was.

Eventually I realized that I was REALLY a libertarian (although I still call myself a conservative from time to time).

I found Ron Paul in a debate broadcast back in May. He was a libertarian. He spoke about economics and seemed to actually have a philosophy to his campaign, not just a well-crafted amalgamation of statements pulled from polls. He seemed to have really thought about his stance, and worked to stay consistent.

Then I looked him up, and I agreed with him on almost everything. After hearing Dr. Thomas Woods from the Mises Institute speak here in Georgia, I started to learn more and more about Austrian Economics, and that pulled me further into the fold (although I still think the Chicago School has a lot to add to the debate as well).

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