Comment: My county chair just got a version for my state

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My county chair just got a version for my state

So did the county chairs in several counties here.
Thanks to Rep. Davis for this. I am not even "pro-life" although I am one of those silly people who is "pro-life" on THIS side of the birth canal, but that does not count. I am by default anti-life when it is babies, right? (Sorry, I want to make people realize how absurd some of our emotion reactions are to WORDS. Letters, assembled to communicate... anyway...)
See, I don't care what laws men make about abortion. Nature has the highest law on this planet, and she will ALWAYS give women a way to end an unwanted pregnancy. So, carry on with the biggest, stupidest distraction that gets the most perennial election play... And I will keep talking to the women I know about the plants I know about... as do thousands of other herbalists, healers, shaman, etc...

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.