Comment: Keep pushing!!!

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Keep pushing!!!

We need to make a firm push to get these bills actually passed- I'm not talking passive action...I'm saying assert your own personal authority as a citizen of your state. The power of your state derives from you, just as the Federal government's power derives from the states. It is long since past time that we reassert this authority. State Sovereignty will give us back our greatest line of defense against oppressive Federal government! From there we really can reverse all the harm that has been done to this Republic!!!!!!

Please keep up the good work guys, we need this from all states!!! You have my support and I have talked to many people here in Georgia over the past week and every single one (25 so far) have come on board. I have also set up some one on one type meetings with local people who front various types of groups, i.e. political, religious, or just various. If they listen and agree then maybe they will spread the word to all their members. We all will benefit from this, so every area to make head way should be exploited. My intentions are to talk with them over the benefits their personal groups will receive. I urge all of you to do the same!!! Just be cordial and friendly when doing it- even if they disagree. I am going to post a article later which will provide ammunition to counter any arguments, and also sway them to our side. Keep the snowball effect building!