Comment: Since we are discussing coffins...what about the guillotines?

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Since we are discussing coffins...what about the guillotines?

and FEMA Trains in Columbia Falls/Glasgow/Cut Bank, MT? I don't know anything else. I found this stuff. Does anyone know anything else.

Scroll down the link:

FEMA ordered 102,000 boxcars with shackles and guillotines

Blog: "FEMA coffins" in FEMA TRAINS: Read comments:
"This is how they came upon these boxcars with shackles. I later received a report from Lee Harrington of Valier, MT, who was a professional metal worker. He told me how in Glascow, MT, summer youth workers were employed to weld shackles into boxcars in that operation. They were then shipped west to Glacier and stored on remote sidetracks. Passing through the Blackfoot Indian Reservation in Cutbank, a local Blackfoot Indian, George Bullcalf, spotted these strange boxcars. When I interviewed local Patriots in Columbia Falls, they confirmed that hunters often stumbled upon such boxcars on remote train spurs in that wilderness region."