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"they need to LIVE it - as do we."

Standing up to the feds and exerting sovereignty takes action, not words. Every state could pass a bill declaring their state animal to be a unicorn and the feds wouldn't care. States say, "by the way please respect the 10th ammendment" and the feds don't care.

We need actions. This starts with me. For example, we received the FEMA Flood Insurance Study. It's about an inch thick and calls for meetings and appeals. It also says, "... your community must adopt new floodplain ordinances or modify existing ordinances as necessary to reflect any changes in the DFIRM or FIS report ...".

We must adopt new ordinances? OR WHAT? I am not going to do it.

Please call your city council and county commissioners and ask to look at this report and the included letter. It's public info. Then ask your councils to politely ignore all of it.

By the way, it looks like FEMA has a person's name for the "community floodplain admistrator". Start with that person locally.