Comment: Beck is a religious wack-job

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Beck is a religious wack-job

Ok, back when Beck said that Dr. Paul was "running for mayor of crazytown", I hated his guts. After a while I came to kinda-sorta start to like him. He began to have Dr. Paul and Peter Schiff on his show regularly, and I was becoming a closet fan. In this video he starts out fine, everything sounds good, and then....he drops the religious wing nut nonsense.
Our biggest problem as a nation is that we are not on our knees before god? Oh really? If anything we have way too many irrational fundamentalist in this country and on this planet. These are the people that put Bush and other Neo-cons in power, just because they happened to share the same imaginary friend. Religion doesn't equal morality, in fact, it often works against it. Freedom made this a great nation, "god" had nothing to do with it.