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The nation that forgets God,

The nation that forgets God, he will destroy. Your problem is that you have confused GOP/Fox News-worshippers who claim to be Christians with actual Christians, which are few and far between.

Your last sentence shows that you know neither history nor understand the origins of freedom. All men are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights-- When the founders made that statement it was not the origin, just the recognition that rights can only come from God. If there is no God then everyone has equal right to do whatever they want. If there is no God then you should have no problem with people stealing from you for these bailouts--because who are you to say that they are wrong?

I'm not going to try to turn this thread into one of those other debate threads that are already on here, but you my friend, need to face reality. There are moral absolutes and the only reason for such is because there is a moral Law giver. Religion is not the answer, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. No one is worthy or good enough on his own to merit anything before God. The only thing any of us have earned is punishment for our evil deeds. When we do what is good, it is only meeting the minimum requirement. The only hope for any man is that on the day of Judgment Christ appears as his advocate. May God have mercy on you and turn your wicked heart from hating Him.