Comment: God is still using jack-asses to speak for Him

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God is still using jack-asses to speak for Him

Book of Numbers 22 (Balaam's she-ass).

So now He's using Glenn Beck to get a message to wayward Amerika.

All I can say is I'm loving watching this house of cards come crashing down on the Republicans.

I will forever see in my mind that night at the Republlican National Convention when drunken John "Boner" called for nominations and had the microphones shut off so Ron Paul's delegates couldn't be heard.

I pray for the destruction of America because that's the only way this corrupt political, infestation is going to be eradicated.

Flee to the spacious open country where you can live in peace. Let these criminals have their orgy and when it's all broken down - which it will be - we and the generation that follows can come back and restore our great land.

What Ron Paul isn't saying with words - but is obvious in his manner - without a doubt, this country is going down under it's own weight.

The good news is the sooner they destroy it the sooner wisdom will come to the masses and we will restore this Republic.

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