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No God You Hypocrite

You are wrong about the God issue. All laws and morality come from Nature, not God. The Declaration of Independence makes this clear. The Declaration of Independence goes on to report that God created Nature and thus your linkage. However, the existence of God is not provable therefore the statement that God created Nature and the Laws thereby that govern mankind, is a false statement. Beware of false prophets. The real reason we are in the mess that we are in is because government and people have failed to secure and protect their Natural Rights, which come from the Laws of Nature, which comes from Nature. The biggest failure to secure our Natural Rights would include the failure to secure the natural right to a monetary system based on earthly substance like gold or silver, for example. Instead, everyone uses credit and FRN, which do not come from nature, but come from the laws of man. I have to wonder how many things do you own that you have purchased with credit? Do you work for FRN? Do you pay taxes to support the evil government? If you answered yes to any of those questions then it is you, and those like you, who are responsible for the mess we are in and not those that do not follow "Gods Laws" as such laws are a fiction. Your attempt to place blame on irreligious others is hypocritical at best and criminal at worst and is unChristian as I understand the rules of Christianity!