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I have a friend, I have a website, blah, blah, blah. So what is everyone doing about it? Sitting around waiting to be rounded up? Buy gold and water filters from Alex Jones? Bitching on the internet for the past 8 years screaming 9/11, 9/11 and throwing the word jew around every other sentence. Wow, great work on standing up against the machine. I posted on a forum, that'll teach the NWO. I donated to Ron Paul (christian religous wacko fundie who doesn't even believe in evolution). Fight the power man. LOL. Bunch of nobodys hiding behind their computer talking all kinds of crap they don't really know anything about. All of a sudden, everyone is an engineer, explosives experts, economics major, business master, and all around know it all because you have the internet. Of course when there is a 1000 sites that refute your one silly little site put up by someone who didn't get enough attention as a child, the 1000 sites against your rightwing wacko idea's are all government sites fed to misinform by the evil satanic worshipping evil jews.