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Republicae's picture productivity is not possible under a dying fiat monetary system. Each deficit dollar spent today only returns 50cents in return in growth, by 2010 that amount will decrease dramatically, by 2015 there will be no return effect for every fiat dollar spent into the economy by the government.

Oh, yes those fiat grants are available, but considering that the government is consuming much more than it is putting into the system then what do you have? You have a system that is consuming itself. We are about to reach the point where it doesn't matter how much fiat money the government injects into the economy the economy will not be able to produce a return on that money. The fiat money is losing its ability as a medium of exchange in the economy. The more the government consumes of the economy the less the economy will produce, no matter how much fiat money they drop from their wondrous flying machines over this country. All the money they are giving out in grants, bailouts and stimulus checks came from either the economy or the "printing press", either was it is not an opportunity, it is a curse that will eat away at this country like a canker worm.

Once again, it is not the quantity of money but the quality of money that is economically meaningful. You can have Trillions of Dollars tossed out in every type of program, stimulus, grant, loan, and bailout, but as the quality of that money is degraded, the results will be negative, not positive.

"The Truth is not always comfortable, but it is always safe" - H. W. Johnstone

"We are not a nation, but a union, a confederacy of equal and sovereign States" John C. Calhoun