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If patriots are to start disappearing, then why haven't they started. Why do they let somebody like Alex Jones walk around for 10 years, singlehanded exposing every single conspriacy in the last 50 years with "proof" and he's not dead. Really, if he was such a threat and knew all this top secret information only the masonic jews are supposed to know, why aren't they taking him out. They supposidly took down that plane last week in Buffalo because a spouse of a 9/11 victim was on it and she was questioning the government over the 9/11 story and they took her out, yet they let Alex expose everyone of their secrets in nice little 2 hours, $20 a pop DVD's and he's free to walk the streets. Two conclusions. Eithers he's in on it with them, as are all the other top "patriots" and "toothers" so the CIA leaves them alone, or they know he's a batsh!t crazy wacko who poses not threat to undercovering their master plans for world domination because their isn't one.

What do you want to do today? Why lets spend hundreds of years being controlled by jews so we can hold back cancer cures and poison people with fluoride and worship satan so we can take over the world Pinky!