Comment: Don't worry about it.

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Don't worry about it.

They ignored Ron Paul during the election, and so did the entire GOP. Even the so called talk show blowfish (Hannity, Rush, etc.) decided to ignore Ron Paul. Now listen to these character whin about policy. When there was a true champian of the conservative Constitution standing there with impecable credentials, everybody turned their back to Ron Paul. Ron Paul's message is so simple, but it calls for things that I don't believe many people really want. For instance, the talk show guys, they all claim to be BIG time conservatives, but they also believe we ought to be policing the world with our military, and like Dr. Paul says, OK fine, but that costs about $1 Trillion a year. As far as this GOP meeting is concerned, you can forget about Dr. Paul getting any respect. They're not going to give him any whatsoever. But don't despair, these GOP clowns aren't going anywhere either, at least not until Obamas out in 2016, if we still even bother with elections by then.

alan laney