Comment: I'm glad you are only 28!

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I'm glad you are only 28!

I'm retired and living on a modest income which has been drastically reduced because of the artificial low interest rates that I can get on my savings. Taxes keep increasing and I see hyperinflation coming.

I had always planned that when and if needed that I would sell my home if I ran out of cash and I'm sure there are a lot of other seniors with that plan. But now with housing going for peanuts and mortages hard to get (except for the reverse mortages that they are still pushing) I'm trying to remember an old joke I heard years ago.

It had something to do with a congressman who was sent to prison for a federal crime. Seems the congressman was living life high on the hog with the best health care, golf, beautiful weather, good food, etc. They treat you very well at federal prisons. So, an old guy who was living in dire poverty and needed medical care pretended to rob a federal bank (nothing but a federal bank) and had all his dreams come true. If anyone can remember this joke please post.

My only advice to 28 would to be acquire as much wealth that is not taxable and get involved in local politics.