Comment: We here at the DP have acknowledged that this group of

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We here at the DP have acknowledged that this group of

individuals own the debt of the US and obtained control of this debt through fraud with the FED as their primary tool.

We also know through the election process that the media is controlled.

We have learned that Prescott Bush won the senate seat in CT after pleading guilty to multiple counts of "aiding the enemy" through his banking interests with Hitler's Germany.

This confirms media and government control from at least the 1920's to today.

A crisis of any kind is USED to get to the final goal. Wars and crises are engineered and today's crisis is no different.

The rich already have ALL the money. The already OWN all of the central banks. They don't need any money...they simply NEED to control the money to have sway over economic conditions and the humans who live in said conditions.

This last 12 months had yielded the nationalization of the auto industry.

The nationalization of the financial industry.

And the increase of the federal government's contribution to US GDP to over 40%. This number was about 5% in 1900.

If you own a man's debt you own the have power over him.

Europe is on the verge of being one nation. NAU is underway.

Getting a trend here?

Oh wait...I'm crazy....move long, please...look at another post...hey? watch some TV...that'll be good....yea Rupert Murdoch at Fox he's fair and balanced...sure, let's watch his stuff.