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Why they let him live.

Because he lost to their transparent manipulation of the campaign and election.

They believe he and his followers are essentially powerless and serve as an example to others who would try to change the system of the futility of such an attempt. He's on display to help keep the sheep in the flock.

Also: The faction-fighting in the R party is good for the powers-that-be. Leaving him alone enables its continuation and growth.

But his ideas are still spreading and (as far as I can see) his campaign is still growing. At this rate we'll eventually become big enough to move-and-shake things. If nothing else the primary campaign for the next congressional election cycle should be a moment of truth.

Just before we become big enough to swing real power is when I worry about Ron becoming a target.

We have to be prepared to keep going - indeed, to escalate - if we lose him.

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"Obama’s Economists: ‘Stimulus’ Has Cost $278,000 per Job."

That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.