Comment: LIVING the 10th Amendment

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LIVING the 10th Amendment

This is more than just charging windmills. It's a show of force, that their's strength in numbers, and we need to pass these.

1) The "Notice and Demand" and "Cease and Desist" language is just that--the equivalent of a legal letter of reprisal. It opens the door to 10th Amendment court challenges in the future. And if you've got 20 or 30 states, that's a lot of lawsuits. (Or just one: it doesn't have to be New Hampshire vs. United States, you can have a docket with 'a whole bunch of plaintiffs vs. United States')

2) A simple majority of state legislatures in 2/3rds of the States can bypass the Congress and Governors both with an Article V--a Limited and Defined Article V to Repeal the 17th for example. While saber rattling (we'd better be VERY certain of the language and contracts we put the delegates under), this cannot be lossed on Washington.

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