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Go to the school board and oppose this measure, if only to voice disapproval of government intervention. If the school allows it and you dont like it there are other alternatives. Home School, Private School, leave your state or country.
My personal favorite would be to home school first and on down the list if the government tries to shut you down.
My nephew was a major in the marines. He was stationed overseas in Iraq and was in charge of a segment that I will not disclose. I talked with him a short time after his return. I asked him if he learned anything and or if he would go back. He told me that he would not go back and would try to get out of it if forced to go. However, the military asked him if he would recruit for them part time for approx. 200,000 per year. He said he was considering it. I then asked him the following: "So you are telling me that you would do just about anything to not have to go fight in another country such as Iraq but you have no problem recruiting young men and women to go in your sted?" He just stopped and stared at me. His face turned a little pale and replied, "thats a excellent point". He stuck his hand out to shake my hand and ended up embraceing me and thanking me for the ensight.
Some people need to be educated tactfully. Many are ignorant sheeple who do not want to understand what is going on. However, there are many who are willing to listen if someone would honestly with genuine sincerity, not attacking, approach people in positions who are only trying to do a job. We have to pick and choose are battles. We must be wise how and who we approach. But in this case, my nephew trusted me and my opinion. I am also a latter vietnam veteran and so we had somewhat of a understanding how the government works with military personnel.
This is only one success story I hope many of you can contribute besides typing blogs.
I have nothing against blogging. I only wonder if many are sitting around the table and complainning but doing nothing about what the complainning is about.