Comment: I have this weird feeling

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I have this weird feeling

I have this weird feeling that this is done on purpose to incite a revolution in our country. If people see coffins, they'll get mad.

The power structure seems to want an uprising and a complete breakdown of our country including our bordering countries such as Mexico and Canada...

With chaos engulfing Canada, U.S. and Mexico, the "solutions" will involve some sort of political and military cooperation between all three countries. The banking elite will take advantage of this collapse and reshape nations and borders.

I however think that they'll fail. Their only means of control are though the use of government force and government sponsored central banks. I believe that by then, people won't want any government in their lives and they won't have any trust in any government sponsored or global central bank.

Competing currencies will destroy the NWO.

Here's a link that explains why Ron Paul's message is better for Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, and the entire world.