Comment: Myers/Briggs Type Indicator as applies to the value of gold

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Myers/Briggs Type Indicator as applies to the value of gold

According to the Myers/Briggs theory of personality types, 25% of the people see around corners, can see what "isn't there." yet or invisible ("iNtuitive").

Economists (especially "big picture" macro) can see the principles at work, and libertarians (who have more than their fair share of economists, physicists, chemists, chess players, and mathematicians) see the future better than most because they tend to be iNtuitive Thinkers (about half of the iNtuitives).

This means that only a small portion of the population has seen the writing on the wall about inflation and the dollar. To compound the problem, most of the folks in government are not iNtuitives (a few work at the NSA and at NASA where they aren't allowed to speak to the public in case they state the Truth).

There might be a few Sensates (who rely on reality as a real thing, not a concept) who see history repeating itself, but most Sensates see the dollar as having value and not inflating (after all, prices have come down for gas, and homes) and they won't buy gold and silver until everyone else is doing it and the price can be seen to be going up like crazy.

If you can see the future, rejoice in the advantage you have over them. Whether you can warn your family and friends (or fellow members of Congress) depends on your reputation for making correct predictions in the past or their loyalty to you.

Sigh. It is particularly galling to "be ruled" by Sensates if you aren't one, yourself. It also shows why the popular libertarian argument about gold and other things, doesn't work: the "Isn't it obvious?" argument.


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