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Good questions

A week or so ago I was lamenting that I had not cashed in some bonds to buy gold, but not - as you say - gold is down.

Silver is a totally different precious metal, since it's widely used for industrial applications. Gold is also, but far less, mostly for plating, dental crowns and other small-use applications.

But silver is far, far less collectable as a precious metal because it is widely used in industry. It also tarnishes pretty quickly. Gold and platinum do not tarnish.

I haven't checked the prices recently, but rhodium might be a consideration, if you can afford it. It's the most expensive of the metals group. I don't know what it is used for, or even it one can buy little bars or coins of it, but it had been holding its value.

Funny true story. In the 1930s a wealthy mobster went to Europe and bought a couple of hundred pounds of platinum in ingots. He needed to figure out how to bring it back without being caught. He also bought a Rolls Royce motor car. Some weeks later the guy arrived with his luggage and the car, and the authorities were tipped off. They searched high and low for the platinum but couldn't find it. They had to let the guy go. Turns out, he had replaced the original Rolls fenders with new, custom-made, platimum fenders.