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My advice

is to never buy a new car. I have a '96 grand cherokee with 210,000 miles, and it is still as good a vehicle (to me, at least) as the '08 vehicles I have been in. With respect to repairs, around 140,000 miles I spent about $3,000 on repairs (transmission, transfer case, exhaust & brakes), which is a lot cheaper than a new car. Mine still gets good gas mileage, but when I add everything up, the biggest ticket item is gas. If you decide to keep and repair yours, do not take it to a Jeep dealer for repair unless you just want to pay twice the going rate. Also, if you can get a male to take it to a repair shop, there is a lower probability of "terror" repairs being shoved down your throat.

If you decide to replace your vehicle, I'd recommend a 2-3 year old program car. You don't get the new car smell, but you'll save a small fortune.

Ron Paul - Hope for America

Ron Paul - Hope for America