Comment: I just paid off my 2004 Toyota Corolla

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I just paid off my 2004 Toyota Corolla

I'm a 66 year old male, reasonably good health and from a purely financial point of view I'd definitely would of been better off calling a cab for what little I used the car (22K in 5 Years). $302.47 monthly payment (could of paid cash) , and $700-900 a year insurance buys a lot of cab fares; not to mention gasoline, maintenance and licensing.

I use the vehicle for convenience only. Where I live, "Cook County, IL", they have dial a ride from the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) , for a small fee they will pick you up and take you (small mini-bus) anywhere round-trip within reason locally. The local hospital will also provide round-trip transportation.

The regular bus stop is a 10-15 walk and the railroad/train is 30-40 minute walk or 10 min. by bus.

I've have thought aboutof buying another new Toyota with upper/side impact air-bags.

BTW, Former Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich has given all Senior Citizens in IL free regional public transportation. I have the regional pass since it first came out, but have never used it.