Comment: Wrong again friend...I lived in Colombia & Ecuador before CR !

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Wrong again friend...I lived in Colombia & Ecuador before CR !

Just review the news...look at the political history of both countries. Be real friend...I heard you hour long program of propaganda for Ecuador on the GCN too...mostly mis-informed dribble.

Do you think CR doesn't have good fresh fruits & veggies...ha...ha...ha. Also the "expensive Costa Rica" you refer to is the "Gringo" version. I live in the mountains outside of the capital & touristy areas.

I know you took a trip to Ecuador...and spent a few weeks playing survivalist...but I have spent over 27 yrs. in Latin America and I tell you, you are sadly mistaken in many of your views and assumptions about living on a "Permanent" basis.

There is a difference between "advertizing" and information to counter-balance the errored and aften "dangerous" recommendations given by people who actually do have ( or I assume they do to have hr. long radio shows that cover one topic ( Ecuador ) an agenda for profit.

If this is offensive to any other fellow RP'er ... forgive me. If n the other hand folks are pleased to receive the info...I'm forgiven !!!!!!

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Discover Costa Rica