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Comment: A question for you

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A question for you

I thought about CR for a bit, but you know, I have problems with...

25% flat tax on income of what... $15-$16K USD or more, right?

The govt. owns & operates the power, telecom, and cable TV operations, correct?

Govt. mandated insurance for all. What's the rate on those? I've seen different numbers. Care to comment on them?

I haven't seen anything on property taxes though. Is this what you're referring to when you claim '100%' ownership of property? If so, I can see where this'd be better than the US.

How's the situation with drugs? As in, what's the laws and enforcement like for marijuana? As a member of the C4, isn't the govt. in CR pretty much one of the US govt. corp's good lapdogs in Central America?