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I did the same thing. Everything, except the excavation & concrete. It took a trackhoe & a D-9 as I'm pretty much on solid rock. Mortgage-free is the best feeling! Ocassionally, I'll look at the 5'x6' windows on the 2nd floor and wonder how I ever put those in by myself! I have about 7000sqft under roof (house, garage, workshop & horse barn).

I've since helped several young couples build their own homes. It's cool, they are in their 30's & 40's with $300k houses, and no mortgages. Mostly, I've built conventional construction, but have done 1 log and 1 straw. I'm "consulting" a 65 year old freind who is building his own right now. I'm mid 50's and I think I have one more house in me!

Advice to people considering this excellent endevor: 1) do it. 2) buy the tools you need, and buy good tools. 3) make your inspectors your friends - they are an excellent source of free, but good, advice. and they can be a real pain in the ass if they don't like you. 4) try to make your big mistakes on paper - it's a lot easier to move a wall in CADD than in real life. Enjoy the process - you will know things at the end of the journey that right now, you cannot even imagine.

Ron Paul - Hope for America

Ron Paul - Hope for America