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Think of this rather as a

Think of this rather as a great opportunity for our children to condition the military personell by asking them all of the hard questions they need to be asked.

It doesn't have to be a one way street, our young people in schools can organize and have an all out discussion with the military sent to the schools about such things as the FRAUDULANT 'war on terror" (REIGN of terror for oil and nat. gas pipelines/Israel/land bases/ $$$$.), the murdering of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians based on LIES, the cost to society in terms of capital and young lives, and the very mentality itself that teaches this culture of death and destruction.

Think of this too as a course in character building, where our young can stand up and show who they really are and develop their skills at standing tough in the face of adversity and how they can help show their fellow students what it is to be a 'REAL AMERICAN"!!!

Anyone having children being subjected to these indoctrinations should perhaps prepare them for this dialogue with ''recruiters" and show them this is rather an OPPORTUNITY to really "BE ALL THEY CAN BE" by standing up to BS whenever and wherever one is presented with it!!!