Comment: "I have lost all faith in

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"I have lost all faith in

"I have lost all faith in the people that say Gold and Silver are "safe stores" of value on the one hand, and then acknowledge that the commodities markets are manipulated by the Central Bankers on the other."

Sigh! Look up the phrase short sighted and study it. Then look up "store of value"

When it all collapses there will only be one thing left. "gold and silver" if you're trying to make money day trading physical gold and silver (even just in your mind) then please sell all your PM's and go buy big screen TV's, cars, what ever and enjoy yourself and forget about it.

Either that or get educated. You shouldn't be taking anyone's advice here or anywhere else unless you understand what it's all about.

I am getting tired of people coming on here and saying " i have lost all faith" blah blah blah because they don't understand how this works and just took someones word for it then get all bent when their preconceived false notions don't pan out in half an hour...

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