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Gold like stocks

lose and gain value in cycles. If you buy physical gold and silver for what ever the reason, just relax and stay firm with your convictions. To often people get caught up in the minipulation theory. As much as I respect all of your thoughts on this subject, I see some wavering here.

Peter Shiff, Jim Rogers have the end game figured out. Yes, they are not perfect in their timing and they make no clams as market timers. Rest assured
these men are gifted and have informed you well in advance.
Ron Paul was warning America for many years before the meltdown.
We still have NAFTA, Bad Banks, huge amounts of foreclosures to come, another war to fight, run away credit card debt, empty retail shops, auto bailouts round two and three to come, AIG mess, tax increases so on and so on.

Rest assured inflation is coming down the road. I started out on my own in 1977 and new very little about economics, this time around feels so much more uncertain.

I bought a large portion of gold and silver recently because this situation we are in now will be much worse by far.