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Flame Retard Ant

In line with Ron Paul's libertarian philosophy, we are all entitled to our opinions, however it is becoming increasingly apparent the possible disparity in research and acquired knowledge of some of the forum participants.

You are telling us that Ron Paul, perhaps the strongest and only voice in DC speaking out about the FED and against the Central Merchant Bankers is not dangerous and that the ilk that controls and directs the vast majority of commerce and policy on this planet is not going to be concerned about Ron’s truth? You are talking about the interlocking dictatorships of multi-national corporations that have incestuous Boards of Directors comprised of the people pulling the strings. FYI, elites assassinated JFK. Take the time to research his speeches related to the power of the Central Banks and elite. Most of the countless assassinations throughout history have been to silence someone perceived as a threat by whatever entity is in power at the time. I suggest doing some homework or reading assignments similar to what Ron offered to Rudy during the Republican primary campaign. This is not conspiracy, simply reality. Ron Paul and those of us who understand his truths can be perceived as a threat to a lot of powerful people.

One can only hope that when you finally realize how powerfully orchestrated and well oiled the ruling elite's efforts are, you will not already be in a FEMA camp! Our constitution has been eviscerated and there is constant challenge to free speech in our country. Your ignorance is astounding unless you are just trying to create controversy out of perhaps boredom. If you do not think your /our fellow citizens are not being punished for opening their mouths or challenging authority and the growing police state, you are either having a diminished acuity of senses, or like I said before, just trying to get a rise out of the rest of us. Perhaps your comments can be viewed more as bringing a good bit of entertainment value to the forums, what with your combative and lively banter, but I suspect there are a lot of people who might agree you have a lot of homework to do. We all want more friends in Liberty, so I am sure many of us would be happy to point you in the direction of some useful educational materials if you are truly interested.