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This is America

....not Canada. NO ONE has pulled this sovereign nonsense off and succeeded. Sure, there may be some "sovereign" bag guys, gals and winos but beyond that you can forget the idea. The state cares nothing for your legal arguments about natural man, FRN's, fiat money, IRS, not a corporation. They only need to know if you've complied with their laws....and believe it or not....for right now THEIR law is supreme.

Government does not rest with the individual. Personal "sovereignty" is a lie. Maybe you believe and hope you can stop paying the wretched IRS or state taxes or school tax (if you own real estate) and maybe you've heard of others that have tried it and succeeded (more like myths) but do you really want to play with the system that's expert in killing? Do you really think they'll let you go or leave you alone? Heck no- you're gonna' be the "example". If you own a house they'll put a lien on it and eventually you WILL pay the lien off with interest.

You can have all of your "T"s crossed and all of your "I"s dotted but in the end it'll be sad for you. Why not look up all other "heros" that have tried the sovereignty route and see what happened to them.