Comment: My only concern would be for the kids.

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My only concern would be for the kids.

Already the multiple babes were born weak and premature. They may suffer ongoing health problems, and seem to have the misfortune of only one parent with poor judgment. That's a lot of bad luck to start life with; I'd be happy to see people charitable to them.
Of course it is not the State's business in any way. Parents' rights are important, but the childrens' rights would be my first concern. When children are taken by the State, they often go to foster homes or institutions where they are treated very badly, frightened, traumatized from loss of their parents and by feeling deprived of any control or rights over their own lives.
Even though the mother may be a total flake, there is no reason to imagine some State-appointed foster situation would be any better.
Life is not fair. All I can see is for people to freely choose to help when they see an opportunity to do so.