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without knowing specifics

without knowing specifics FreeManOnLand is correct, a judge, not under oath and on record can say anything...also, depending on what you are defending yourself from, citing the constitution and declaring that it applies to you will not work...
think about this:
If you get a job for Chevrolet, and in your contract, that you sign, it says "if you wear shorts to work you will be fired", then you wear shorts and indeed get fired, you cant then sue Chevrolet for violation of your rights, and state, "it's unconstitutional to not allow me to wear shorts" this was an agreement you entered into.

it's the same if you have a drivers license in a state. The license is an agreement, a contract, that you sign, that says you will follow the statutes and acts of the state. Now, even though NONE of the driving "laws" are actually laws, but rather statutes that you have agreed to follow, you will have a hard time fighting tickets. On the other hand, if you are licensed in another state (which I recommend), then you have made no agreement to follow this states statutes and acts, and can therefore easily fight the ticket because they dont have jurisdiction over you. Same as if you started working part time at KFC (while employed for Chevrolet from the scenario above) and wore shorts to KFC, and they fire you because of your contract with Chevrolet...I know these are silly analagies, but they are just used to explain how it works.

Ive heard my whole life of people trying to fight tickets, be free, avoid taxes, etc. based on principle of constitutionality, and failing miserably. This is because you HAVE signed a contract with the corporation "THE UNITED STATES" and you have been assigned an employee id number which is your social security number. The only way, is to break that connection by giving up your social security number. If you want the SS benefits, than keep the number, but you will NEVER be free, as long as you are an employee of the UNITED STATES.
CALL the social security association and ask them if the ss is mandatory. they will try to imply it is, but it is not. If they say it is, Ask them this "So do I HAVE to get my children a social security number?" they will say "no, but you should." Then remind them that they just said it was mandatory!!
This is because our government is tricking us, NOT breaking the law, only tricking us.
the definition of these words "citizen" "resident" "domicile" are NOT what you think