Comment: Tell your brother to learn

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Tell your brother to learn

Tell your brother to learn how to build and grow a vegetable patch.

He should figure out the costs related to building a vegetable patch and partner up with a gardener.

He should come up with a brand name and design and print brochures that offer his service of creating custom vegetable patches for people's backyards and distribute the brochures all over his local neighborhood and area.

When somebody calls him to order a garden patch, your brother calls the gardener he partnered with to do the actual job. Your brother collects the money from the homeowner and then pays the gardener his cut to do the actual work. So in reality your brother doesn't have to do any gardening... Just sales and marketing.

He can mention the benefits of saving money by not having to buy the vegetables at the supermarket and how healthy it is to eat veggies. How food prices will keep increasing because of inflation etc etc..

I think this idea is a winner. I'm thinking of doing it myself. I actually saw an entire segment on ABC's Nightline tonight about people who are doing this successfully around the country. People are calling these gardens: "Victory Gardens"...

With the downturn in our economy and inflation around the corner, this idea is a no-brainer. Your bro should go for it and let us know how it goes.