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I disagree.

I saw that interview, and I was very impressed with the guy. He was able to present his argument, amidst the childish I-think-I'm-a-comedian remarks of Glenn Beck.

Legalizing marijuana is a very controversial issue, and what this guy was trying to do was coax others to reconsider the ban by sweetening the deal for its opponents. His solution was pretty lame, but what's lamer? Legalizing and taxing/regulating marijuana (I think that this is what Dr. Paul has even recommended), OR continuing the War on Drugs which has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of Americans being sent to prisons, and thousands of deaths in Mexico's gangland violence?

The ethical thing to do would be to allow for this compromise, and then hope that it'll extend into other areas of the drug war ending all of the silly laws on prohibition. People are dying NOW. Pick your battles.

There are some times when I really agree with Glenn Beck... but then there are other times when I just can't stand him. This was one of those times. He's just so fake sometimes. It was very reminiscent of the interview with Ron Paul and Bill Maher, when after Dr. Paul gave a VERY impressive argument for state's rights and legalizing marijuana, Bill Maher diminished the effect of the speech by adding "Sure, whatever, Stoner." What hypocrites...