Comment: All I am saying is be careful !

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All I am saying is be careful !

Yes I am glad he is saying what he is. It is great to have someone in the MSM saying these things. But remember, remember, remember, remember, how Rush Limbaugh started out. He was mister consevative and everyone loved him, then he morphed into a neocon taking millions of conservatives with him and he destroyed the true conservative movement. He singlehandedly did more to destroy freedom in this country than anyone by hyjacking the movement and turning it into Fascism. He is the best friend the colectivists have. Do not forget where these people get their paychecks. It just makes me sick to hear so many people on this site making a diety out of Beck. All I am saying is, don't trust him. You will get stabed in the back eventually and it will set freedom back for decades if you identify the freedom movement with him. Watch out. Don't set anyone on a pedistal unless they are totally proven like our beloved Dr.Paul.